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Flexible keyboard are usually manufactured according to the customer’s specifications for prototypes and quantity keyboards.

Flexible keyboards are of two types i.e. Flexible keypad & Flexible tactile keypad. The above keyboards can also be assembled on Base plates of Aluminium, M.S. Epoxy etc. and supplied as a complete Front Panel.

Specifications & Environmental
Humidity No effect at 90 % R.H.
Operating Temperature - 25 to 75 + degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature - 30 to 85 + degrees Celsius

Capacitance < 15pf.
Contact Bounce < 10ms.
Contact Rating 5 V DC 15 Ma Max.
Switch configuration Momentary SPST, normally open
Contact Resistance Circuit dependent. Generally less than 100 Ohms.
Switch Logic Special / Matrix / Common Bus

Key movement 0.18mm. to 0. 42mm
Dome operation up to 10million operations.
Actuation Force 150 gms. to 350 gms.

Mounting & Termination Methods.
It is necessary to select the correct mounting and termination for the membrane keyboard to ensure is long life and reliable operation.

Flexible keyboards are terminated through Clincher Connectors or by a Male Solder able Contacts.

Various mounting methods viz., Adhesive back, keyboard mounted on backing plate, sliding type arrangements for keyboards with rigid base keyboards mounted by screws visible / invisible from front side etc. are followed. Even special mounting arrangement to suit a specific need can also be devised.

PCB keyboard are normally terminated through single row/double row berg strips, IC sockets, FRC connectors, solder able pads. Etc.

Contacts and control components can be mounted with press machine The cost-effectiveness of your overall system is increase by space saved.

Advantages PCB Based Keyboard

  • Display fields LED, window clearly

  • Weight reductions and space savings through

  • Separated of screw connections by means of single layer

  • Save your electricity and electronic and electric equipments

  • PCB with the double function as a substrate for the keypads and the connected electronics hermetic sealing of PCB and foil

   Flexible Type Membrane Keyboards

   PCB Type Membrane Keyboards

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   Doming Label Aluminum Dial
Flexible Keyboard, PCB Based Keyboard, Membrane Keyboards, Membrane Switches, Industrial Keyboards, Mumbai, India

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